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Billing & Settlements – Sept. 2020

The Billing & Settlements Workstream gathered to review/refresh the best practice guideline documents to ensure that the content is still relevant for the carrier community. 

We found that the Annex of Billing and Settlements Guideline is overall a valid document but made the following alterations:

  • Changed the focus from declarations to invoices
  • Added reference to OBR handling
  • Added reference to fraud dispute handling
  • Encouraged that the back office/settlements team should be involved at an early stage

Questions we have to all members:

  • How many of your customers are still on declarations for:
    • Regular voice traffic?
    • Reverse traffic (ITFS)?
  • What actions have been taken to move those customers to invoicing?
  • Anything we can do collectively since we probably work with the same customers?

On reviewing the Net Settlement Statement Template Guideline our findings included:

  • Suggesting that all services applicable should be included
  • Removing of reference to volume commitment/true ups/deal reconciliations
  • Emphasizing that open disputes should be withheld until closed

Questions to all members:

  • Do you do net settlements with your counterparts?
  • If yes, with most or just a few?
  • Who initiates the net settlement proposal – the net payer?
  • Do you have any thresholds/requirements before starting to do nettings with someone (min. invoice amounts/balance in amounts/other)?
  • Do you combine various services/products in one netting (Voice/IP/A2P/other)?
  • Do you combine currencies in one netting (EUR/USD/other)?
  • Do you always withhold open disputes from the nettings?